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Crystals, Minerals and Sacred Geometry are Powerful Ancient Sacred  Tools used to enhance Healing, Alignment, Grounding, Intuition and Manifestation. 

These Subtle Energy Technologies have been used for aeons to assist and support the Mind, Body and Spirit.  

These are powerful tools when used to help focus, direct and hold intentions. They work to compliment and condition your space and powerfully transmute negative energies. 

Crystals, Minerals and Sacred Geometry work by transforming polarized subtle energies into a stable, harmonic, more balanced and healthful  energy.

The use of  Crystals, Minerals and Sacred Geometry may enhance Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Shamanism, Grounding and can be incorporated into any Healing Modality you might practice.  

Patented Sacred Geometry Therapeutic Pillows are wonderful for side sleeping and can be used in a variety of resting positions

Cultivating Sparkling Relationships


I welcome the opportunity to assist you with any questions you may have and hope you will find a lasting benefit from the natural beauty and usefullness of the products I share.


Home Crystal Parties 

 Find the perfect crystal and esoteric jewelry piece. Search for powerful, beautiful gifts for yourself or to share with someone else.

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At the Rock N Pillow Shop I take pride on the usefulness, quality, uniqueness and affordability of the products I share.  And I hope that you will feel that you have found a place of resource for your Mind, Body and Spirit needs. 

Do you live in or around Central/Upstate NY, Albany, Binghamton or Syracuse areas and would like free crystal gifts for you and your friends? Host a Crystal Party! 

No obligation to purchase. Learn how you can utilize grounding, sacred geometry and your crystals to enhance your subtle energy and manifest joy and abundance in your life.  Contact Trish 607- 206-7188 for more info. I can bring the items from the shop right to you so you can see them. 

Wishing you joy, peace, love and abundance. Thank you for visiting my website. Namaste’ (nah-mas-tay)  

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